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Photos, mementos and notes, oh my! Appointments, lists and dates, I cry! They clutter our desks, spill from organizers and cling to refrigerators. If you rely on a hanging calendar, message board, dry-erase calendar or another wall-mounted dating device to control life's flurry, the Cricket proposes marking the passing months with a new series of timely designs. The uniqueness of each month is celebrated with letters and illustrative motifs. Or, work the months on a very fine linen and create a collection of small signs to ornament the center of seasonal wreaths. The inspiration for the twelve month designs springs from my daughter's kitchen wall. Painted in blackboard paint, it serves the family as appointment calendar, to do list, grocery list and creative expression. The upper 2/3 of the wall are adult territory; the lower 1/3 is canvas for two little girls and their bowl of colored chalk.